Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Shelda - please send me an email.

Shelda from the comments (who wants to knit the Campanula-for-the-Cure sock pattern for a friend with cancer): I have no contact info for you.

The comments have your name but there's no link to a blog profile or email address. Please email me at "mezzodiva-AT-sympatico-DOT-ca". If you provide an email address I would be happy to send you the pattern for you to make a pair for your friend. I wish it were under better circumstances. And please join the KAL (I will send an invitation using your email address) to share your story here and let us know how your friend is doing. And let your friend know we all send her our warmest wishes, love and support.

Knitterly Regards
XO - MezzoDiva

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