Friday, August 31, 2007

Contest Number Three - Prize Teaser!

Here is a picture of the prize goodies in the NEXT contest!
400yds of Pure Cashmere yarn with Heartstings pattern. A surprise gift of stitchmarkers will accompany your package (not in photo). Mama Llama is very happy to be a part of such a wonderful cause, and I'm starting my socks soon!

Many thanks to Mama Llama and all our donors for the prizes we can offer here. Please stand by for Contest Number Three Details early this weekend. - MezzoDiva

Contest Number Two - Winners - addendum

Contest Two Winners - Suna, Rhonda, and Rochelle: please email me at mezzodiva AT sympatico DOT ca and forward your mailing address and a telephone number. Thanks!

Thursday, August 30, 2007

Contest Number Two Winners

As promised we have three winners for contest number two, Campanula's Day Out. The assignment was to take your Campanula socks-in-progress out for a day and show it a good time, while hopefully also showing it off and perhaps attracting other folks to our joint project.

Without further ado, our winners are:

Suna (also the clear front-runner and winner for first pair completed) left a note in the comments detailing her Campanula's adventures out and about. I've copied them here for all to see:
1. Went to LYS Saturday, gave a lady the URL to sign up.
2. Went to "Chicks with Sticks" and told all the women there where she got the pattern.
3. Posted her sock photo on Flickr and people there asked her where to get the pattern, so she sent that off, and also posted the information.
4. Mentioned the socks on a sock knitting email list.
5. Sent an encouraging note to a blogger looking for the right yarn for this project.
6. Knitted on it at high school band "Everything Day" when her sons got their uniforms, etc...
I'd say she wins for the most diverse excursions.

Rochelle took her Campanulas-in-progress to visit the Yarn Harlot last week, which was pretty cool, and she had a great picture taken with Campanula and the YH's travelling sock (our Rochelle has a fabulous smile), which appeared on the Yarn Harlot's blog and attracted several more new folks to our joint venture.

And just yesterday,Rhonda took her Campanula on a fabulous tour of M.I.T. and posted a beautiful pictorial essay of our sock's adventures on campus (sadly no student sudsers were included in the official tour).

Please stand by for the specific prize notices. I am waiting for confirmation/arrival of several prize donations which have been promised but for some reason have not materialized here yet. If they do not arrive in a reasonable time, I promise that I will provide alternatives.

My Campanula Sock goes to work with me

And takes a tour of M.I.T. ...

I posted a picture tour on my blog Home of the StitchingNut last night but Blogger kept locking up and by the time I got done it was too late to remember I should post a link here. You were all probably in bed by that time anyway. Right?
Come on by today and watch my sock find out what it's like to work at M.I.T.
Now I've got to help my Campanula grow up into a big sock ...
Campanula Sock at Home

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Robyn's Socks

I started mine yesterday! :) Here is a pic in progress:

I was worried that it wouldn't fit over my super wide feet...but I think it's going to be fine. You can see more info about it on my blog: I'm using Knit Picks Essential in Pine and size 1 needles. I'm doing 2 socks at a time w/magic loop.


Pirk's process

I am way behind with my socks, but I wanted to clear some WIPs out of the
way, and then joyfully knit my Campanula socks.
I have started another sock, just to make sure that I remembered how I did the first toe. I want to finish my socks by next Thursday (Sept. 6th) to show at our Trocks knitting meeting. It's a long weekend coming up, so I should be ok.

Monday, August 27, 2007

Campanula Update - Finished!

I just finished both Campanula socks! Here are the baby pictures:

They are a bit loose, but they haven't been washed yet and I expect they'll even out nicely. I did try the bind off suggested in the pattern and I like it! Stretchy but not too. The only trouble I had (aside from finding time to knit!) was coming out of the first heel and getting the stitch count right. This is the first pattern I've worked where the stitch count changed and it did confuse me at first. It finally clicked and I got it on the third try and the second heel was a piece of cake! I do love the Smooshy yarn and am glad I have more!

Another Camanula in progress

I can already tell these socks are going to be pretty!

Yarn: Knitpicks Essential in pumpkin. Needles: Size 2

Progress: My gauge is about half a stitch off which was making for a slightly loose sock (no, I don't own size 1 needles and yes I should)

SO, even though I have a tall foot I did the repeats for a small foot. I just turned the heel and the sock fits really well. It's perfect. Again, thanks for the pattern.

Good luck on the walk and I look forward to seeing more socks in this KAL!

Sunday, August 26, 2007

Contest Number Two - Only Three Days Left... (is this thing on?)

I am absolutely delighted by all the beautiful Campanulas-in-progress you guys are showing me. The last couple of days have apparently seen a flurry of Campanula-knitting and they are ALL very pretty! It makes me very happy to see the pattern I designed giving so many people pleasure.

And as you can tell from the growing totals in the donation area on the sidebars, the contributions to the fight against cancer just keep rolling in, which is both gratifying and terrifying - because I really have to do this 60-km walk and it's coming up in just under two weeks! Eeek!!!! I know it won't kill me, but it is going to be one of the toughest things I have ever done and I am really chicken about the physical pain afterwards. Anybody want to donate a massage for me?

In other news, it seems that (other then me) only two people have taken their Campanulas out for some show-and-tell. At least, only two that I can see from the comments and the postings here: Suna and Rochelle. Suna - also the clear front-runner and winner for FIRST PAIR COMPLETED - left a note in the comments detailing her Campanula's adventures out and about. And Rochelle took her Campanula's to visit the Yarn Harlot, which was pretty terrific, and attracted some more new folks to our joint venture.

Remember, folks, there are three prizes coming this time: There will be one for the most creative entry, one for the greatest number of Campanula outings so far (our girl Suna seems to be in the lead here too), and one random draw from all the eligible entries. But, since only two of you have posted a contest entry, I might just have to keep that third prize for myself...(sigh) ;)

I expect to have a prize notice up soon, courtesy of Mama Llama. She is putting together some lovely stuff for us, like a little kit, with luscious yarn (she has some beautiful cashmere and silk), some matching fancy stitchmarkers and Heartstrings Lace pattern to go with it. She said she will put it together and take some artsy photos of it this weekend, so hopefully we'll see some pix by tomorrow!

So take your Campanulas out with you and show them around. Then post about it by Wednesday, August 29, 2007. Tell us all about YOUR Campanula's Day Out. Report on your Campanula's adventures in the wide wide world both here and at your blog!

Look at my Pretty Pretty Sock!

I cast on last night finally! I couldn't put it down--before I knew it I had 3 repeats of the pattern:)

I'm using Socks that Rock in Ruby--Hot Pink/Fuschia

What a fun pattern!


Hi everyone! I'm finally going to cast-on and commit to knitting up these socks.

But first, shall we check out the fabulous teal yarn? It's hand-spun, hand-dyed and purchased right here in Calgary from Emily of Twist of Fate

Next step is to do up a swatch to check my gauge. I'm a slow knitter and this is my first knit-a-long. This could take a while...

Pluggin' along...

I've finished the heels and now it's up the leg to the end. I can't wait to wear these:

oooh.. look!

I got mine started late friday night.. and by started, I mean I finally managed to get that strange mess of twisted yarn to stay on a needle long enough to get 30 stitches knitted into it so that I could call what I was doing knitting, rather than making a mess which is what I had been forced to call it for a good while before that. :)

campanula progress

today I got the heel in. I'm not done for the day but thunder came so I figured I best get it's picture taken while I could. unfortunately, doing so seems to have chased the thunder away. :(

anyway, I'm finding this somewhat tedious to knit because I'm too scatterbrained to retain the instructions long enough to knit an entire needle so I'm constantly shuffling things around, but I'm so excited to get the heel in and shove my foot in and find that it FITS! hahaha

it's beautiful, too. I'm knitting it of knitpicks new wool/cotton blend, risata and I'm loving the yarn too. lacy cottony socks, I might actually get to wear by the time they're done. :)

thanks, Ramona, for this beautiful pattern, and for doing all this walking for us, and all women. :)

Oh look again! I went to look at the official KAL page and then I went to look at the fundraising total (70% there !!) and then I noticed there's a *chart*!!!
gosh, I was excited.. but I don't have the ability to read this chart in this format. is it possible someone could turn it into a pdf? pretty please? !

Campanula's around the heel

Well, I finished my short row heel this morning, I think it's kind of clever everytime I do it, but I still manage to favor a cuff down pattern. I did 4 full repeats of the lace pattern and now I wonder if I should have maybe done just 3.5...I have a 7-7.5 foot. It's hard to gauge but it seems a little "baggy" - I was thinking I may just continue the lace in the front and perhabs do ribbing up the back? It could keep my sock up and take up any slack. But then traditionally lace isn't very forgiving, so maybe the leg will pull it all together? Does the ribbing sound like a ridiculous plan? I dread pulling out my pretty heel to take out the 8 rows - what do you think?

It's hard to see what I am talking about from the picture, I am just admiring my heel. :)
campanula heel

Friday, August 24, 2007

New to the KAL

I just learned of this incredible KAL and very worthy cause. IT was my pleasure to donate. I shared with Ramona that although I've not been touched in my family with breast cancer; there have been many other forms of this disease. Most recently, my mom passed away in May from Lung Cancer. So in honor of my mom, I donated to Ramona and will knit these socks. Since the color for lung cancer is clear or pearl, and my mom also suffered from kidney disease, I will knit my socks in green - the color for kidney disease awareness.

THanks so much Ramona for doing this! :)


Thursday, August 23, 2007

It's Been Quite A Day

On Tuesday I took my Campanula with me when I went to see The Yarn Harlot. You can see the post here. I am surprised and amazed to see that Stephanie put a picture of me holding the Campanula sock and her sock on her blog today. All I can say is, first THANK YOU STEPHANIE. Second, I hope this generates LOTS of money for a cause that is near and dear to my heart - I lost my mother to breast cancer almost 25 years ago and as you well know, I am a survivor myself. Ramona, you are one amazing lady and I hope you are able to raise more than your goal for the Weekend to End Breast Cancer.

Look, I'm Done!

Hey, I finished my socks! I know I actually knitted three of them, with all the ripping and re-doing I did, but hooray, I finished them.

The photo looks pretty washed out, but that's the best I could do indoors. I'll take better photos for the gallery!

I just am so happy to have been able to get mine done and share them, hot off the slightly bent needles (from the purl three through back loops, I guess).

I did 8 rows of twisted rib at the end, and bound off as the pattern suggested. It's nice, because it puts the chain of bound off stitches on the inside.

I will wear my socks happily and tell everyone I see how to get the pattern! I am no Yarn Harlot, but I did manage to finish a pair of socks. Yow, took me a long time, too (I'm no Wendy Johnson, either).

I hope to see other people's progress posted!

First Lime'n'Violet, now the Yarn Harlot

Diva, m'dear, get ready for a flood.
The Yarn Harlot linked you today.

Sadly, my Campanulas are in a time-out. When they are properly shamed and apologetic (and I have the right size needles -- stupid American needle sizing), they can come out and play again.

Laura Y.

Brief Intro

Hello, my name is Jan. I hope to be making a donation soon so that I can make this beautiful sock. Right now, however, I do precious little knitting. I just started radiation treatments for endometrial cancer and spend alot of time either traveling to and from appointments, or napping. Anyway, I hope to donate soon so I can get started!

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Chart Updated

Someone found a typo in my chart! I updated the file, so you can all download a fresh one if you like (the mistake was in Row 4). I also learned the magical "merge cells" trick which enabled me to move the key below the chart. This is my first experience ever with Excel. Can you tell?

Pirk's sock start

I finally "got it" meaning the toe part. I am so happy.
I am using Lanett yarn, which is 100% merino wool.
My needle tips are quite sharp and they tend to split the yarn.
I have another yarn I am going to test, and which ever splits
the least that's what I am going to use. the other yarn is
Zimba Medium (I won it in a raffle, or my friend won it, but gave it to me)

Checking my gauge ...

Hi everyone, this is Rhonda. I just signed up last week. Made my donation so I could get this beautiful sock pattern and then the quest for the perfect pink sock yarn followed the next day. Couldn't believe my luck that I found at my LYS, not only PINK, but sock yarn that I had never tried before ... Schaefer Yarn Anne. 60% merino wool superwash, 25% mohair, 15% nylon. Handpainted and very lovely to knit with.


Isn't it a pretty pink too? Well I cast on this past weekend and completed short row toes ... my first time doing them in st st rather than garter st.

for the Cure sock But with size two needles they were far too loose. For the first time, I then checked my gauge. Sure enough, I was off by one stitch ... into the frog pond. Re-cast on with size 1's and knit the toe again. Much better. Started the lace pattern and will take a new picture when my first sock is done. So far so good.

That's were I'm at right now. Thanks so much for the chart, BTW. I'm looking forward to following that rather than getting myself lost in the pattern. I know I won't win any contest for finishing first since I work & commute 10 hours a day. And these are not the kind of socks I like to knit on while I commute. But they are going to be so nice to wear when they're done and I really do love the fact that the donation is going to a good cause.

So now it's time to be off to work. Drop by my blog anytime at Home of the StitchingNut and happy knitting everyone!

Monday, August 20, 2007

Better Late than Never!

I am very happy to report that there are many people joining this KAL daily and probably more to come who will join us both here to knit these socks and, more importantly, in supporting the ongoing fight against breast cancer.

Many people have yet to start their Campanula socks. For some their Campanulas are merely a gleam in their eye, a sock to be knitted when the time is right or when the right yarn comes into their life, or when their 32.5 WIPs are crossed off the OTN list, or when the phase of the moon is right and the stars are aligned...

So here is a gentle reminder to feel good about your involvement whatever it may be. This KAL is not a race to the finish (though I am giving a prize to the knitter of the first complete pair posted). Like my upcoming 60-km walk (Gulp!... pause for "WTF was I thinking?!"... ), slow and steady will get the job done. Furthermore, I will be delighted to continue this KAL for as long as people are interested in knitting these socks and sharing their experience of them.

So just remember - better late than never! Let's just keep those socks and, more importantly, the donations coming.

Sunday, August 19, 2007

ready, set, knit!

I have the first toe done in some Sundara - already I am in love with the yarn and can't wait to start the pattern on the sock. I tried a new toe - the figure 8, very cool. Sometimes the most simple things really impress me. :)

Campanula Chart - Get it Here!

Until Ramona has a chance to place a link in the sidebar, I thought I'd let you know you can download it from my server here: Download Campanula chart here!
It's an Excel chart, so you will need Excel to be able to view and print it out. Enjoy!


Hi, there, Happy Campanula Campers!

I've been juggling lots of things lately and kept trying to steal a couple of miutes to cobble together a chart for the lace, and it was done a couple of weeks ago but still waiting to be edited (because I can't ever do anything the easy way - long story). Meanwhile, lo and behold, the ever talented and beautiful Maggie, she of the magnificent hand-dyed yarns I offered for the last contest, went ahead and charted our lovely campanula lace for us, and graciously permitted me to share it with you. (Bless you, Maggie!)

There is one little thing I need to look into, then I will make the chart available to all the KAL participants ASAP.

New breast cancer sock kit coming from Chappy

Skacel will be kitting up my booby sock to help fight cancer. All monies taken in from the kit will go to Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Reasearch Center.

Can't wait to start knitting this sock!!!

Have we thought of knitting this beautiful pattern of socks and then selling the pairs to earn more money for the cause? Is this plausible?

One Sock Down!

Yes, I finished Sock #1 of my Campanulas. I had a bit of an adventure yesterday, when I got so distracted doing the requested "knitting in public" at the LYS that when I got home I got lost in the pattern. Hadn't written down what row I was on. Oops. I erased a bit and started at a point right after some flowers were finished. I knit an entire repeat. And looked. I had repeated the same half of the pattern twice. Oh no!

I was disheartened, so I unraveled all that and said to myself that I just couldn't re-do that a third time, so I did the border. It looked nice. When I put the sock on, heck it was long enough as is! As you can see, it goes to the sheep's foot on the sock blocker. So, all is well, and I can start #2 today.

I did talk the pattern up to a couple of customers today, and one lady wrote the name of the KAL down and told me what a lovely cause it is! I knitted on it a bit at high school band "Everything Day" when my sons got their uniforms, ordered food for game days and such. One dad asked me if I ever put the knitting bag down, but that's as far as it went!

Modifications on this sock: I did a Turkish cast-on rather than short-row, but I did do a short-row heel. On the gusset, I did the increases via paired lifted increase, two inside the edge, which made a little decorative section. I did ten rows of ribbing at the top, and used the bind-off suggested in the pattern. It worked just great!


...I'd like to thank everyone who made this award possible... THANKS RAMONA!
Thank you for coming up with a great idea to raise money for Breast Cancer Research! (and for helping me win free sock yarn in the process!)

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Let the Fun Begin

I just started the first Campanula sock. I'm using Tofutsie in colour Light Foot or colour no. 730. I am hoping I will remember this pattern eventually so I don't have to keep following the pattern. So far I have to follow it every other row. Thank you Maggie for the pattern chart. It is much easier for me to follow the pattern this way.

I must admit I am very very disappointed with the Tofutsie sock yarn. I don't think it has enough twist. The yarn splits rather easily and I would have lighted if it was a little on the heavier side. Other than that, I really like the colour. Pink, to me, is very appropriate since it's Campanula for the Cure, the pink ribbon is for breast cancer awareness. Being a breast cancer survivor I couldn't think of a better colour for my socks.

Just joined!

I am late in signing up but still so thrilled to be a part of such a great endeavor! Please visit my blog at woollymoose. Blessings and thanks. Julie

Can I have a drumroll please?....

I am delighted to announce that the Winner of our Campanula for the Cure KAL Contest Number One is:

JOANNA at Wool-Crazy In Ottawa .
Joanna - please email me with your mailing address and phone number so we can arrange to send your choice of the lovely hand-dyed sock yarns available ASAP.

NOW, let's see what you all come up with for Contest Number Two. Please post here AND at your own blog for maximum exposure.

Friday, August 17, 2007

Lime & Violet like us! They really like us!


I feel just like Sally Field at the Oscars.

(P.S. Thank You, Laura Y. XOXO)

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Contest Number Two: Campanula's Day Out - Knitting in Public for the Cure!

My Campanulas came to Stitch 'n Pitch last night! Several hundred knitters came together at the ballpark here to cheer on the Toronto Blue Jays as they hosted the L.A. Angels. Several hundred SnP-ers received goodie-bags with loot from local and national purveyors of fiber goodness and paraphernalia, and tucked into each tote bag along with the loot was a notice about Campanula for the Cure and our KAL.

It's 2 to 1 for Toronto in the bottom of the 8th, with the Blue Jays at bat, and Darren Oliver in to pitch for the Angels. Frank Thomas singles to left, Troy Glaus walks: Runners on first and second with none out, Aaron Hill is up. Here's Campanula cheering on Aaron Hill:
Oh! Hill pops out to second: Runners on first and second with one out. Gregg Zaun flies out to center: Runners on first and second and with two outs and John McDonald grounds out third to first to end the inning. Jeremy Accardo starts the 9th inning for the Blue Jays, and after a giving up a single to Garret Anderson, gets Gary Matthews to line out to first, the Jays turn a double play and Anderson's out at first: None on with two outs and Casey Kotchman due up. Kotchman grounds out second to first to end the game. Final: LA Angels 1, Toronto 2.

Now it's your turn to take your Campanulas-in-progress out in public and spread the word about the pattern and KAL and the purpose behind them: raising money and awareness for the fight to end cancer forever!
I frequently knit in public and whenever I do at least one person asks me what I am making and we engage in a brief conversation either about the craft or the project, the recipient or the purpose. Your mission, should you accept it, is to take Campanula out with you at least once in the next 10 days and tell someone or several someones about our foot-related fundraiser (a sock pattern KAL to raise sponsorship donations for The Weekend to End Breast Cancer).

ANY PLACE YOU CHOOSE TO DO IT IS GREAT. If you work at a LYS, if you go to a knit-night,SnB or other gathering of fiber-enthusiasts, those would be a VERY good places to spread the word, as other knitters will be intrigued - especially once they see your lovely Campanulas in progress. Or do something else. Take them out and knit anywhere you want. Be as creative or mundane as you wish - knit them on the bus, at the park, on your lunch break, at a party, on the treadmill at the gym (I can't, but know there are people who do this!).

It would just be great if you could enlist more support for our mutual fundraising efforts. Even if your audience are not knitters themselves, they might be inspired to contribute by donating to the WEBC, so bring some spare copies of the donation info with you on a piece of paper. And tell them to credit you as their contact because you could win a prize.

So take your Campanulas out with you and show them around. Then post about it by Wednesday, August 29, 2007. Tell us all about YOUR Campanula's Day Out. Report on your Campanula's adventures in the wide wide world both here and at your blog!

Oh, yes. Prizes: TBA. I am going to come up with a few desirables to give away, but I am waiting to receive some goodies for you, so keep your eyes open for the prize teaser I will post soon (probably early next week).

Yes, that's right. I said PRIZES - plural. At least three of you will win something special for participating this time: There will be a one for the most creative entry, one for the greatest number of Campanula outings, and one random draw from all the eligible entries. All submissions will be carefully considered by my panel of judges who will remain anonymous. (In the case of a tie, I reserve the right to flip a coin).

Psst: Contest Number One closes at midnight Wednesday Friday August 15th 17th, 2007.

If you haven't posted at your blog yet, now's the time to do so! Please post a link to the Campanula for the Cure KAL on your blog AND tell us what yarn(s) you are using (or dreaming of) to make your Campanula socks. And if you want to post early pix of your WIP Campanula, please go ahead!

I'd really love to be able to include everyone in this draw, but unless you post at your blog, you won't get a chance to win this time. Several of you have a blogger account with one or more KALs listed in your profile, but when I go there I find no individual blog for you nor any link to your own webpage on another blogging host. If you do have a blog elsewhere (not on Blogger), please list it on your Blogger account so I can find your page via the participants list. You will also need to enable access to your profile for me.

If you don’t have a blog of your own - well, you do have a Blogger account so it will be easy to create one there, even if only for the purpose of posting about your KAL activities and a link or two so folks will know how to get to the KAL. Then you can participate in the contests, which involve Campanula-related posting at your blog, and you might win some lovely prizes! (As I said before, spreading the word is my benign ulterior motive behind this KAL and especially contest number one.)
Due to unforseen circumstances here at casa MezzoDiva there will be a brief delay. I will draw a random entry from all the eligible contestants on Friday at midnight.

Psst! stragglers (shhhh!) you can still sneak in. But you didn't hear it from me... ;)
The winner will receive one of several gorgeous hand-dyed skeins of fingering or sport weight merino sock yarn I purchased recently from Maggie. I have at least one of most of these as well as a couple that aren't pictured. To drool over more pix of Maggie's luscious tone-on-tone colourways, check out her Flickr gallery.

Once you've posted at your blog, please leave me a comment here with the date of that post so I know where to go look for it! I've seen posts at many of your blogs already (and thanks to those of you who posted a while ago). But a small reminder might be good insurance, so just leave me a comment.

And keep those Campanula updates coming!

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Almost to the heel!

Here's an update photo. I'm very happy with the way the sock is turning out. This is a better representation of the actual colors (although not perfect!) The pattern shows beautifully on the actual sock!

My Sock in Progress

Hi everyone,

I thought I'd share a photo of my sock so far. As you can see I am into the third repeat of the pattern, which means soon I will hit the gusset! Whee! With toe-up socks I always get nervous that I will make the sock too long or too short, especially with a heel style I am not familiar with, so I am trying to be zen and trust the Campanula process.

The color's not particularly true in the photo. My nice, new camera is getting fixed, so this was taken with the Old Klunker. But you can get the idea that there are little variations in the yarn, but not so much as to detract from the lace. Again, it's Dream in Color Smooshy sock yarn in the Pale Fire colorway.

You'll also notice I didn't do a short-row toe. I guess I am just so happy with my Turkish cast ons that I can't bring myself to do another type of toe for a while. I will do the heel in Ramona's pattern, though.

Other than occasionally losing a stitch in the K3togTBL stitches (which I have caught in time, thankfully--not wanting to undo lace, ugh), I'm not having too much trouble so far! It's just going more slowly now that I'm only working on it during lunch hours and a wee bit in the evenings (I have another project I am also trying to finish).

How is everyone else doing?

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Slightly Intimidated

Yesterday I dashed off to the local LYS, but didn't find any solid pink yarn that suited for the Campanula pattern. Luckily, when I returned home, I remembered my gift from the last Sockamaniac swap--two skeins of beautiful Petunia sock yarn from KnitPicks.

Well, last night I sat down and began to read the pattern. I panicked! I've only ever knit top-down with a boring old cast-on. But, undaunted, I figure this will be my chance to learn not one, but two new techniques: provisional cast-on and short rows. Does anyone have any recommendations for sites with clear instructions (preferably with photos and diagrams?)

I'm excited about knitting this beautiful pattern, after I've taught myself the technique. I figure it can't be much more difficult than learning to knit on DPN's or two circulars, right?


Here's my progress! These are going to be a great pair of socks!

Still Waiting...

I'm still here, and I'm still waiting. I ordered the perfect yarn from The Loopy Ewe, but it takes a week to get here. I swear, as soon as I get it I'm casting on!

Saturday, August 11, 2007

Another latecomer to the KAL

Hello everyone! I've decided after reading Suna's post that I'll jump in, too. I'm just coming back from nearly 3 weeks of West Nile fever so I've only been knitting safe, boring things as I was having trouble thinking due to a constant headache. Since I'm better, I'm off to the LYS for some crazy hot pink yarn and hope to cast on the Campanula socks this evening.

Is anyone doing the pattern on 2 circulars? I know translating a pattern from DPNs to circs isn't hard, but if someone else has already figured it out for this pattern, would you share?

Happy Knitting!

choices choices choices

Well I thought I had this all planned out. Campanula in Smokey Pink from Twinkletoes Yarns... then last night I found a bag with two more skeins of Twinkletoes Sock Yarn in it. These skeins both have "manly" colors in them. One is Tundra which turned out to be a really complex blend of olives,purples, and old gold and Mink which is a divine blend of browns and auburns. Tundra I think I will save for another pattern but Mink is really calling to me.

The sock yarns Sigh I should never have looked at them.

Frog in a Blender

Is what it would look like if you mixed the yarns of my current sock with Campanula. Eeeewww - sorry for the icky visual folks, but it's true! I'm just past the heel on this one and it's looking like it's going to go to the frog pond because I didn't like my made up heel treatment.
So...that's Dream in Color's Lipstick Lava Smooshy yarn that was already in my stash. It's not quite as bright as it appeared on the website where I purchased it. I thought it was RED but instead it is more of a dark mauvey PINK. But because it is only slightly variegated, it will really show off the patterning of Campanula.

MezzoDiva has left the building

My campanulas and I are taking a little road-trip!

Well, they're not really mine. They're my current CIPs for a friend (I'm still waiting for MY yarn to arrive).

MezzoDiva is going out-of-town for a couple of days to sing at a wedding, so I might be incommunicado until Sunday night. Please feel free to talk amongst yourselves. If there are any problems, please leave a comment in this post or email me and I will get back to you ASAP.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Friday, August 10, 2007

Hello to All

Hi. I'm a little slow and just joined today. I had to think a while before I committed to a public knitting event. I posted this in my blog today (modified slightly for this blog):

I have never done a Knitalong before. Shocking, but true. I guess I just never wanted to be making the same thing everyone else is. I am a little apprehensive. But, when I read about the Campanula for the Cure one, I decided to join. There are a number of reasons:
  1. I was looking for a nice sock pattern to be the next in line.
  2. I had just bought this pink yarn, Pale Fire, in Smooshy by Dream in Color (I bought it BEFORE I saw the nice photo of a cake of the yarn in here, honest).
  3. It's raising money for a nice charity in Canada.
  4. My mentor, Roberta Bishop Johnson, died of breast cancer, and I still miss her. (The link is to a tribute to her that I wrote back when I worked for a nonprofit organization she helped shape.)
  5. I have one friend undergoing chemo right now, and at least two other friends who are doing well after dealing with breast cancer.
  6. My own mother died of cancer (lung, a lifelong smoker) in 1984, and never got to see my children or see me happy with my wonderful man Lee.
  7. Ramona, who started the KAL seems like a really sweet and caring woman.
So, for all these reasons, I decided this is the KAL for me. Like I said, I already have the lovely Pale Fire Smooshy pink yarn I just need to finish the Neptune socks and off I go! Neptune will get done tomorrow, probably, since I have another long trip to south Texas to see Lee's dad (recovering from haveing a large skin cancer on his head removed, coincidentally).

[end stuff from my blog]

I am currently working on socks that I find really attractive, so I want to finish the leg of sock#2. I will wind up my Pale Fire this evening and hope to get going on the Campanulas tomorrow evening fer sure! I will be using 0 needles, since I knit loosely and I see that the socks are coming out big in this yarn. See, I have already learned something from KnittyBabe, whose blog is where I first read all about this KAL.



Help!!! I just can't decide!

Would you believe I haven't yet made a pair of these for myself? The first two pairs I made were gifts to other folks, the ones I'm making now are too, and I still haven’t got any for me!

I am so overly close to this pattern that choosing the yarn has been excruciatingly difficult. But I found a couple of good contenders for my very own pair today. I happened to wander over to visit Marisol and when I saw her destashing I helped myself to a couple of things, including these two, both of which have really lovely Campanula potential:

Dreams in Colour Smooshy in Lipstick Lava
Lornas Laces Shepherd Sport in Purple Club.

I know there might be some gauge issues requiring pattern mods. If necessary, I will just bite the bullet and do the math for the sake of the perfect colour. And if (when) I end up doing those modifications, I will share them here so others can adjust the pattern for different gauge too.

Squeal! We're getting official prize donations!!

Crystal Palace Yarns said: We'd like to donate some fuchsia color Panda Cotton sock yarn for one of your prizes for this Campanula Campaign! Tell me where to send the Panda Cotton!
Susan at Crystal Palace Yarns, August 8, 2007 8:00 PM

I'm SO excited - I can't wait to see it! And I promise to post pix as soon as possible.

I know this one will be very hard for me to part with. Sigh. It sounds just perfect for a pair of Campanulas!

Now I just need to come up with the perfect contest idea for this stuff...

Campanula For The Cure – Update

While out and about yesterday I had the opportunity to go to my LYS and – TA DA – they had Smooshy Yarn! Tons of colors of it! They hadn’t had it before and I am so glad they do now! The color I had originally ordered (see other post) was much redder than it had appeared on my laptop screen. I got the perfect color though – “Cool Fire”. It reminds me of Double Bubble Bubble Gum (yum). The color blending in this yarn is sooooo beautifully done – I just love it! I got more than one color, of course. Here’s a pic of Cool Fire in the cake.

I got started on the Campanula pattern, sock #1 last night and here’s my progress:

I am using Addi Turbo #0 (magic loop). This yarn is very, very soft; nice and stretchy and it goes “sproing”! This makes the k3tog tbl’s much easier. If only I didn’t have to sleep – I wanted to complete more rounds but my eyes told me otherwise. ;-} Just like tonight. I will also be posting this update on my blog (

Thursday, August 9, 2007

Sock in Progress, Sort Of

Hey everyone! Nice to see so many people knitting this! Well, I got started and I managed to get a couple of inches past the toe when I realized that this sock is too big for me! Now, this is not something that usually happens since I have size 10.5 feet and they are not narrow little feet, either. But I guess I underestimated the stretch of the openwork in this pattern. I'm going to rip back and cast on again, using 2mm needles rather than my usual 2.5.

Pictures once I start again, but for now, I'm enjoying a long weekend with friends who are visiting from the US!

Wednesday, August 8, 2007


I'm so excited to be a part of a knit-along that I think I can actually keep up with! I'm also honored to be a part of such a worthy cause. I've got quite a bit of sock yarn accumulated, and just like everyone else, I am having a hard time picking out what yarn to use. I have a Tess's Sock yarn in pale pink, a Plucky Knitter in a vibrant pink, and another one coming in shades of pink and green. The only one that is wound is the Tess's, but I'm thinking of going with the Plucky Knitter one because the color is so perfect. We'll see how it goes. :o) I think I'll take pictures of them and post them on my blog later today to see what everyone else thinks!

My blog:

CAMPANULA for the CURE is on it's way to Stitch 'N Pitch Toronto! I put a blurb on the reverse side of my store flyer that's going in the free goodie bags. I have to go make a scarf for the Baseball Team's Mascot and a few for the announcers, but once i'm done i swear i will get to some socks ... regardless i'll keep supporting you guys!

~ Haley

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Admin Notes: Please read this!

Camp Campanula is off to a great start! I am very excited by how many people are jumping in to join us knitting these socks! And thank you to everyone for your generous support and for sharing your stories with me. So many of us have personal reasons for supporting the fight against breast cancer. If you haven't posted about it here yet, please share a little of your story here if you are willing.

Meanwhile I am doing some KAL admin and I see that several of you have a blogger account with one or more KALs listed in your profile, but when I go there I find no individual blog for you nor any link to your own webpage on another blogging host.

If you do have a blog elsewhere (not on Blogger), please list it on your Blogger account so the rest of the group (and I) can find your page via the participants list in the sidebar. If you don’t have a blog of your own- well, you do have a Blogger account so it will be easy to create one there, even if only for the purpose of posting about your KAL activities and a link or two so folks will know how to get to the KAL. Then you can participate in the contests, which involve Campanula-related posting at your blog, and you might win some lovely prizes! (You may have guessed that spreading the word is my benign ulterior motive behind this KAL and especially contest number one.)

Thanks again for joining the fun and for supporting this worthy cause.

Also - what with the recent (Canadian) long-weekend and summer holidays, many people are just now replying to their KAL invitations. As administrator, I would really like to extend the deadline to next Wednesday August 15 for Contest Number One (post at your blog about the KAL and your yarn choices/options/dilemnas). If anyone objects strongly, please leave me a comment or send me an email, and I will then keep contest one to those who post before this Wednesday. But I would like to open the contest for more people.

Keep those posts and comments coming!

Check me out! I made a button!

Knitting Bloggers

addenda ... here's the code to make the button this size :

<a href=""><img src="URL OR SITE WITH YOUR IMAGE" width="157" height="116" alt="Campanula for the Cure"></a> <br>


i just figured out the button mystery last week ....

1. save the button picture to your computer.
2. upload the picture to your web address or a picture hosting service like
PhotoBucket or Flickr
3. go to "Dashboard", then to "Template". Skim through the HTML code and find the place where you see the sidebar content. Choose where you want to put your picture.
4. insert the following code:


5. Find the URL of your photo and put in in the code where it says
6. Save. If you want your button centered then replace
<left> with <center>, if you want it right then replace it with <right>

And that's about the size of where you put your eyes!

xox Haley

Monday, August 6, 2007

Commitment Post and Yarn Shopping

Hello! I wanted to make this KAL official by putting it in writing! Grabbed the button for my blog and now have to figure out how to put it up - still new to blogging (am hoping it helps me keep up with my written journal as well).

I have the pattern printed and am going yarn shopping online now.... must have pink.... google where are you??? ;-}

Colorway decisions and button...

Me, too (problem with buttons!). I was able to put the link in my side area under KAL's, but I can't figure out the button thing. Who knows HOW I got last year's STR club button to work, but I think the link is old! Certainly couldn't figure it out for Project Spectrum or this year's sock club! I'm so lame!

I'm still pondering colorways...Like I said, I got some gorgeous Claudia's Handpainted in Pink Posey, but I am not looking at Blue Moon's STR in Coral or maybe even in the "FooFoo" colorway. I know it doesn't *have* to be pink, but for me, I really want it to be pink. Maybe if I *shop* in my stash I'll find something appropriate-and not necessarily pink...And then there is Lorna's Laces in Flamingo-part of the proceeds go to a breast cancer charity (their site stated Susan G. Komen for the first quarter of 2007, so they must be rotating charities every quarter)...Blue Moon's "Hot Flash" was created for the same purpose, as well, though I don't know if they will do it when they next produce this colorway. Seems it would be fitting to go with one of the colorways that also benefit a breast cancer charity.

I'll try and get a pic of the options I have so far...

EDIT-Here is a pic of what I found in my stash as a possibility...Sereknity "Black Forest Fudge"...

Sunday, August 5, 2007

Start those socks!

Hi! I wanted to post about getting started so that I actually would get started. Once you announce something to the world in print one really must come through, right? I just tore throught three separate bags of knitting projects (okay, I was looking for some lost beads!) when I found the yarn I knew was lurking there somewhere. It is Cleckheaton Country Silk, an 8ply yarn in a deep magenta with pink flecks that I thought was the perfect color. It is the perfect color, but I am not sure it is the perfect weight or that I have enough of it! I received it a while back in a swap from a lovely knitter in Australia. Maybe I had better take another dive into the stash for someting more obviously sock like.

I would love to link to this blog and add a button to my blog but I have not yet learnd how to do that. I will be sure to mention the KAL (and the gorgeous pattern) so that if I should happen to snag a reader or two they will be well informed. Hope they all stop by and speak up!

Now off to look for more yarn...............................

Introducing myself

Hi everyone,

I just posted the this KAL at my blogsite ( and purchased 2 skeins of Claudia's Handpainted in pink posy. I once had some STR med weight in "Hot Flash", but gifted it away, so I hope I am able to get more of it in lightweight.

Not sure when I will start these, but it will be either the Claudia's or STR yarns! Maybe I can find some other STR in my stash that are a color that might work.

I *do* love sock knitting, but I also just lost a very dear friend of mine to breast cancer 3 weeks ago to this day. She just turned 49 on June 30 and was diagnosed when I first met her, at the age of 35. By the time she passed on, the cancer had spread to her brain, lungs and bone. So I will knit these socks to honor her and her memory.

Leslie in San Francisco

I HATE knitting socks

No honestly I do. In fact I think I would almost rather go to the dentist then to have to knit a pair.

So why am I here? Because in the past few years I have lost two friends to breast cancer, my oldest sister has been treated for breast cancer and I have two male friends that have gone through the ordeal of being tested for possible breast cancer.

So for them I will, gasp, willingly knit a pair of socks and in pink no less (pink is not my favorite color) though I will be honest I first looked for some masculine color in honor of my male friends that had to get a mammogram and breast biopsy and even in John's case a lumpectomy. They both say the worst part of the whole ordeal was the waiting between the first doctors visit and the results of the tests and surgery.

I did find an nice looking soft pink yarn on eBay from from Over The Rainbow Yarns She had some other yarns that would work but I snagged the last skein of sock yarn in the pale pink colorway she calls Smokey Pink.


Hi There! I'm Deb and I'm excited to start on this pattern. I have been waiting for sock yarn to arrive, but I may have to dive into the stash. Mama E has a colorway she is selling to support Team Knitty in their race for the cure. I thought this would be the perfect pairing:) I may just have to knit two pair!
Portland's race for the cure is in September. I will be donating these socks to the person on my team that raises the most money!!
debaccuardi on Ravelry


Here are pictures of the test knit Campanula I completed this winter. They are done in Trekking sock yarn.

Anyone else on Ravelry? Come say hello if you are! My name on Ravelry is Saratogaknitting!

Saturday, August 4, 2007


Hi everyone! I'm Lisa L. and I was a test knitter for this pattern. What a fun one to knit! I can't wait to see all of our different versions! What yarn has everyone chosen??

Friday, August 3, 2007

Contest Number 1 - Prize Teaser

I just got these great pictures from Maggie of her gorgeous hand-dyed yarns. Aren't these beautiful?!!!! I have at least one of most of these as well as a couple that aren't pictured, but I will force myself to part with some (sob!) to thank you for being so generous and supporting my efforts and the fight to end breast cancer.

Just think - all you have to do is post a link and a notice at your blog about this KAL and our Campanula for the Cure project (and please notify me - I do try to keep up, but sometimes I miss something), and you will be entered in the draw to win one of these beauties!

To drool over more pix of Maggie's luscious tone-on-tone colourways, check out her Flickr gallery.

Hi Everybody!

My name is Joanna and I was really excited to get invited to this KAL. I've ordered the wool I want from The Loopy Ewe, but it will take a week to get it. Sigh. Guess I'll be playing catch up for a while.

Thursday, August 2, 2007

Buttons for Everyone

Ramona asked if I would post my "Campanula for the Cure" button so others might use it on their websites/blogs.... here it is...

If you right click on the image you can download it to your computer and then upload it to your own blog. In the "href" section of the linking code make sure you replace the image url with ""

If you would like a sample of the code go to my blog,, and look at the source code (menu/view/source) and feel free to cut and paste what you need.

I just got my yarn yesterday and I am sitting at my daughter's freshmen orientation trying different short-row options for the perfect "pick up" technique for the wraps. Strangely when asked what I was doing making what looked like a row of pink boobs I answered, quiet honestly, "working on my pick up lines"! Of course I meant cleaning up my short row lines but the parents next to me probably thought I was some lecherous loose woman...I got the strangest look........

Camp on!


I just got my pattern for Campanula today ... and I'm excited to start! Right now I'm planning on using some Knit Picks Essential in the African Violet colorway.

It took me a bit to find a pic to post to my blog to entice others to join the KAL ... but hopefully I'll be able to send some more sockknitters our way!!!

Wednesday, August 1, 2007


I'm not sure if going through my stash helped or hurt. I have three yarns as possibles and just can't decide which to go with. One is Violet's Pink Ribbon, which is the colorway Lisa Souza came up with for Violet of Lime'n'Violet when she found a lump last year and had crazy insurance issues, another is a gorgeous hot pink unidentified (but definitely wool of some sort and definitely sock yarn) that my SP10 pal sent me, and the last one is a gorgeous pink and dark green (I know, it sounds weird, but trust me) from Yarn Botanika that's a Merino/Tencel blend. I'm kind of leaning toward that one because I know I would love knitting with it -- I'm a sucker for Tencel -- but the other two seem a skosh more appropriate, especially the VPR. What to do, what to do.

Insert long pause.

Okay, I think I've talked myself into the VPR. I'll at least start out with that one and see how I like it. :)

Here we go and Contest Number 1

Okay, Campanula Knitters - ready, set, start your needles!

Contest Number 1: ends August 8th, 2007.

Please post a link to the Campanula for the Cure KAL on your blog and tell us what yarn(s) you are using (or dreaming of) to make your Campanula socks. And if you want to post early pix of your WIP Campanula, please go ahead!

I will hold a draw on Wednesday August 8 at the end of week one. The winner will receive one from among several gorgeous hand-dyed skeins of fingering or sport weight merino I purchased recently from Maggie. She's just started sharing her talent for these exquisite creations of colour gradation with the rest of us mere mortals and several of these luscious skeins just followed me home. Really. Each skein contains more than enough to knit one pair of lovely socks, and I must admit I do see Campanulas in my mind's eye in all these delicious tone-on-tone colourways.

Ready, set, cast on!

Hi! Just thought I would check in. I am already nominating myself for the pokey group - whoever said summer was less busy than the school year was incorrect. It isn't less busy, just differently busy! OTN I have a mystery stole, a pair of Monkey socks (stalled at the heels) and a prayer shawl (using Knitspot's Obstacles pattern). Thankfully none of these items have deadlines.

I just had a really strange experience: I was poking around the files on my desktop and stopped to take a look at the Campanula Socks pattern. When I returned to my e-mail there was the invitation to contribute to the KAL blog (very Twilight Zone - "dee-dee-dee-dee..." - it sounds better in person)! Guess I had better go stash diving for some proper yarn! See you around the list! - Karen