Thursday, August 30, 2007

Contest Number Two Winners

As promised we have three winners for contest number two, Campanula's Day Out. The assignment was to take your Campanula socks-in-progress out for a day and show it a good time, while hopefully also showing it off and perhaps attracting other folks to our joint project.

Without further ado, our winners are:

Suna (also the clear front-runner and winner for first pair completed) left a note in the comments detailing her Campanula's adventures out and about. I've copied them here for all to see:
1. Went to LYS Saturday, gave a lady the URL to sign up.
2. Went to "Chicks with Sticks" and told all the women there where she got the pattern.
3. Posted her sock photo on Flickr and people there asked her where to get the pattern, so she sent that off, and also posted the information.
4. Mentioned the socks on a sock knitting email list.
5. Sent an encouraging note to a blogger looking for the right yarn for this project.
6. Knitted on it at high school band "Everything Day" when her sons got their uniforms, etc...
I'd say she wins for the most diverse excursions.

Rochelle took her Campanulas-in-progress to visit the Yarn Harlot last week, which was pretty cool, and she had a great picture taken with Campanula and the YH's travelling sock (our Rochelle has a fabulous smile), which appeared on the Yarn Harlot's blog and attracted several more new folks to our joint venture.

And just yesterday,Rhonda took her Campanula on a fabulous tour of M.I.T. and posted a beautiful pictorial essay of our sock's adventures on campus (sadly no student sudsers were included in the official tour).

Please stand by for the specific prize notices. I am waiting for confirmation/arrival of several prize donations which have been promised but for some reason have not materialized here yet. If they do not arrive in a reasonable time, I promise that I will provide alternatives.

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Pamela said...

Yeah Suna! I'm the person she encouraged to say "forget the whole pink thing, do the botanically correct blue!" I'll post a picture, once they look like something!