Thursday, August 2, 2007

Buttons for Everyone

Ramona asked if I would post my "Campanula for the Cure" button so others might use it on their websites/blogs.... here it is...

If you right click on the image you can download it to your computer and then upload it to your own blog. In the "href" section of the linking code make sure you replace the image url with ""

If you would like a sample of the code go to my blog,, and look at the source code (menu/view/source) and feel free to cut and paste what you need.

I just got my yarn yesterday and I am sitting at my daughter's freshmen orientation trying different short-row options for the perfect "pick up" technique for the wraps. Strangely when asked what I was doing making what looked like a row of pink boobs I answered, quiet honestly, "working on my pick up lines"! Of course I meant cleaning up my short row lines but the parents next to me probably thought I was some lecherous loose woman...I got the strangest look........

Camp on!

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