Saturday, August 11, 2007

choices choices choices

Well I thought I had this all planned out. Campanula in Smokey Pink from Twinkletoes Yarns... then last night I found a bag with two more skeins of Twinkletoes Sock Yarn in it. These skeins both have "manly" colors in them. One is Tundra which turned out to be a really complex blend of olives,purples, and old gold and Mink which is a divine blend of browns and auburns. Tundra I think I will save for another pattern but Mink is really calling to me.

The sock yarns Sigh I should never have looked at them.

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MezzoDiva said...

Yeah, it can be hard to choose. So much yummy sock yarn, can't knit it all at the same time.

I agree - Tundra is beautiful, but I don't think it will work for Campanula. But the Mink is very intriguing and if the variegation is not too strong, it could be gorgeous.