Thursday, August 23, 2007

Look, I'm Done!

Hey, I finished my socks! I know I actually knitted three of them, with all the ripping and re-doing I did, but hooray, I finished them.

The photo looks pretty washed out, but that's the best I could do indoors. I'll take better photos for the gallery!

I just am so happy to have been able to get mine done and share them, hot off the slightly bent needles (from the purl three through back loops, I guess).

I did 8 rows of twisted rib at the end, and bound off as the pattern suggested. It's nice, because it puts the chain of bound off stitches on the inside.

I will wear my socks happily and tell everyone I see how to get the pattern! I am no Yarn Harlot, but I did manage to finish a pair of socks. Yow, took me a long time, too (I'm no Wendy Johnson, either).

I hope to see other people's progress posted!


Yosemite said...

The socks look great! Congrats on finishing them. I am turning the heel on my first sock now.

Lisa L said...

What a beautiful pair!!!

Suna said...

So, I was wondering. It's a couple days later and I haven't heard anything. Did I win anything for finishing first, or just satisfaction of a job well done? I am fine with just the satisfaction, of course! Wearing the socks to the LYS today!

I know folks probably hoped some "famous" blogger would finish first. But at least I am a sock knitter who loves lace!

MezzoDiva said...

Sorry, Suna - I haven't had a chance to blog much in the past couple of days, but I have been admiring your lovely socks - they are truly beautiful. And of course you win the prize for the FIRST PAIR COMPLETED! Don't worry - all due fuss will be made ASAP. Gotta run now or MezzoDiva will be late for a gig.

knittybabe said...

Congrats Suna! The socks look great! I have one done and am moving on up the leg on #2.