Sunday, August 5, 2007

I HATE knitting socks

No honestly I do. In fact I think I would almost rather go to the dentist then to have to knit a pair.

So why am I here? Because in the past few years I have lost two friends to breast cancer, my oldest sister has been treated for breast cancer and I have two male friends that have gone through the ordeal of being tested for possible breast cancer.

So for them I will, gasp, willingly knit a pair of socks and in pink no less (pink is not my favorite color) though I will be honest I first looked for some masculine color in honor of my male friends that had to get a mammogram and breast biopsy and even in John's case a lumpectomy. They both say the worst part of the whole ordeal was the waiting between the first doctors visit and the results of the tests and surgery.

I did find an nice looking soft pink yarn on eBay from from Over The Rainbow Yarns She had some other yarns that would work but I snagged the last skein of sock yarn in the pale pink colorway she calls Smokey Pink.


tapmouse said...

I'm doing the "pink" thing, too, Dorothy! Just have to decide one which yarn...I'm not much of a "pink" gal, either, though I've been able to find some that I am finding more palettable. Actually, I think it is just that 'pink' is starting to grow on me!


MezzoDiva said...

Thanks for being so open about your personal reasons for joining the fight against breast cancer. I'll keep you and your friends in mind as I walk those 60-km. I'm sure they'll be hovering over my shoulder when I get tired.