Friday, August 10, 2007

Campanula For The Cure – Update

While out and about yesterday I had the opportunity to go to my LYS and – TA DA – they had Smooshy Yarn! Tons of colors of it! They hadn’t had it before and I am so glad they do now! The color I had originally ordered (see other post) was much redder than it had appeared on my laptop screen. I got the perfect color though – “Cool Fire”. It reminds me of Double Bubble Bubble Gum (yum). The color blending in this yarn is sooooo beautifully done – I just love it! I got more than one color, of course. Here’s a pic of Cool Fire in the cake.

I got started on the Campanula pattern, sock #1 last night and here’s my progress:

I am using Addi Turbo #0 (magic loop). This yarn is very, very soft; nice and stretchy and it goes “sproing”! This makes the k3tog tbl’s much easier. If only I didn’t have to sleep – I wanted to complete more rounds but my eyes told me otherwise. ;-} Just like tonight. I will also be posting this update on my blog (


MezzoDiva said...

simply scrumptious!

tapmouse said...

Oooooh...SMOOOSHY!!! I have a couple of skeins and my LYS is supposed to be getting some in soon, too. I'm too financially drained right now to get any new yarn!


Suna said...

Oh yeah, this is the exact yarn I am going to use. I am a copy cat. But I did get the yarn over a week ago!

Lisa L said...

That yarn looks beautiful! I'll have to keep my eye out for some . . . ;-)

Knittymuggins said...

*Love* that color! I went to the site because I'd never heard of this Smooshy stuff before, and all I can say is - Wow! That stuff looks super fab!!! Thanks for sharing :)