Saturday, August 11, 2007

Another latecomer to the KAL

Hello everyone! I've decided after reading Suna's post that I'll jump in, too. I'm just coming back from nearly 3 weeks of West Nile fever so I've only been knitting safe, boring things as I was having trouble thinking due to a constant headache. Since I'm better, I'm off to the LYS for some crazy hot pink yarn and hope to cast on the Campanula socks this evening.

Is anyone doing the pattern on 2 circulars? I know translating a pattern from DPNs to circs isn't hard, but if someone else has already figured it out for this pattern, would you share?

Happy Knitting!


Marsha said...

Typically what you would do is divide the total number of stitches in half and put half on each needle. However in this case since there is such an odd number of stitches, I would put the stitches from needle 1 and needle 2 on one circular with a marker in the middle and the rest of the total 60 (23?) stiches that become the sole on the 2nd circular. Having said that - I'm not so much a fan of 2 circs because for me they are not faster and are just as fiddly as DPN's - which I don't mind (even though that is the method I'm using on the current sock that is headed for the frog pond!). I'm thinking I will cast on the toe using the Magic Cast On from Knitty and once I start the pattern switch to DPN's - or maybe not!! Long answer but I hope that helps!

MezzoDiva said...

Actually, these socks were designed in the magic loop method, but I converted the pattern instructions to a standard 4 needle set-up to make it acccessible to everyone.

Any 4-needle pattern can be done withe 2 circs (needles 1&2 on one and needles 3&4 on the other) or by the magic loop method, all on one circ.

Please note:

1. the total number of stitches after the toe is complete but before you start the lace pattern is 6O.

2. while technically the lace part for the top of the foot would start by working Round 1 over 37 stitches, in the pattern directions it says to begin the foot with a foundation round over the first 30 stitches (instead of the usual Roundw 1). This foundation round omits some (not all) of the k2tog and ssk (decrease 1) instructions which are done elsewhere in the regular lace pattern.

Thus Marsha's notes are correct except for the fact that the remaimng stitches for the sole of the foot actually number 30 (in the instructions these are on needles 3 & 4, or if on 2 circs needle2, or if in magic loop they are on second part in the round).


Suna said...

I am doing them via magic loop, and it was easy to convert, as Ramona said, not hard to convert. I actually like how each pattern row is divided into two halves. It makes it easier for me to be sure I did all the right things when I hit that center purl with no extra stitches or anything!

Suna said...

Oh, I meant to send condolences on your illness. I hope you get back to 100% health quickly. Take it easy and enjoy the knitting!