Sunday, August 19, 2007

Have we thought of knitting this beautiful pattern of socks and then selling the pairs to earn more money for the cause? Is this plausible?


MezzoDiva said...

I suppose that is possible.

I;'ve often been asked why I don't sell my handknits and I answer that because of the vast amount of time and care and love that goes into them they would be too expensive to buy unless I paid myself an "hourly" rate of pennies.

But perhaps you are a very fast knitter. Then, you could definitely try it. Or you can knit some up and hold a small auction, with all proceeds (after materials) donated to the cause.

Please keep us in the loop! (oh, dear - unintentional knitterly pun)

Suna said...

I'm in the same position--once I explain to someone what the socks would cost on an hourly rate, interest wanes. Especially when they find out the yarn itself cost $20 or more sometimes.

However, auctioning off a pair for a charity donation might well bring a pretty penny, since the socks come out so nice. But, after all my effort, there's no WAY I'm giving away or selling mine!