Saturday, August 18, 2007

Let the Fun Begin

I just started the first Campanula sock. I'm using Tofutsie in colour Light Foot or colour no. 730. I am hoping I will remember this pattern eventually so I don't have to keep following the pattern. So far I have to follow it every other row. Thank you Maggie for the pattern chart. It is much easier for me to follow the pattern this way.

I must admit I am very very disappointed with the Tofutsie sock yarn. I don't think it has enough twist. The yarn splits rather easily and I would have lighted if it was a little on the heavier side. Other than that, I really like the colour. Pink, to me, is very appropriate since it's Campanula for the Cure, the pink ribbon is for breast cancer awareness. Being a breast cancer survivor I couldn't think of a better colour for my socks.


MezzoDiva said...

That is GORGEOUS, Rochelle! Simply beautiful!

And the lace pattern is really just the same four partial rows in different combinations. After a few repeats, it begins to make a lot of sense and the row just completed tells you what you need to do on the next one.

Suna said...

I missed reading about the chart. Could someone point me to it? I really prefer charts.

peaknits said...

Could someone help me and direct me to a chart as well - I wold do so much better with a chart:) Thank you in advance!