Sunday, August 5, 2007

Start those socks!

Hi! I wanted to post about getting started so that I actually would get started. Once you announce something to the world in print one really must come through, right? I just tore throught three separate bags of knitting projects (okay, I was looking for some lost beads!) when I found the yarn I knew was lurking there somewhere. It is Cleckheaton Country Silk, an 8ply yarn in a deep magenta with pink flecks that I thought was the perfect color. It is the perfect color, but I am not sure it is the perfect weight or that I have enough of it! I received it a while back in a swap from a lovely knitter in Australia. Maybe I had better take another dive into the stash for someting more obviously sock like.

I would love to link to this blog and add a button to my blog but I have not yet learnd how to do that. I will be sure to mention the KAL (and the gorgeous pattern) so that if I should happen to snag a reader or two they will be well informed. Hope they all stop by and speak up!

Now off to look for more yarn...............................

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MezzoDiva said...

Hi, Karen! I agree - by stating your intention to begin, you have taken the first step! That simple step has taken me over many initial hurdles - including my fear of committing to walk that 60 km next month, which still scares me! But in declaring my intention to all of you and the rest of my sponsors, to my friends and family and colleagues, I have to continue training and go out and do it.

And I will email you separately about how to put a link up at your blog. It's not as hard as you imagine, and it gets easier each time.