Thursday, August 23, 2007

First Lime'n'Violet, now the Yarn Harlot

Diva, m'dear, get ready for a flood.
The Yarn Harlot linked you today.

Sadly, my Campanulas are in a time-out. When they are properly shamed and apologetic (and I have the right size needles -- stupid American needle sizing), they can come out and play again.

Laura Y.


MezzoDiva said...

Holy @#$%! It has begun...
Breathing into a paper bag.

I should keep a log: BYH vs AYH.

Thank you, Stephanie.

And THANK YOU, Rochelle.

H-Star said...

you rock diva, it was inevitable!

Yosemite said...

I am so glad I took my Campanula sock with me to see Stephanie. And thank you Paul for not minding that I went on our anniversary.

Suna said...

It was nice to see the photo of you, Yosemite!