Saturday, August 11, 2007

Frog in a Blender

Is what it would look like if you mixed the yarns of my current sock with Campanula. Eeeewww - sorry for the icky visual folks, but it's true! I'm just past the heel on this one and it's looking like it's going to go to the frog pond because I didn't like my made up heel treatment.
So...that's Dream in Color's Lipstick Lava Smooshy yarn that was already in my stash. It's not quite as bright as it appeared on the website where I purchased it. I thought it was RED but instead it is more of a dark mauvey PINK. But because it is only slightly variegated, it will really show off the patterning of Campanula.

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MezzoDiva said...

Thanks for the details on Smooshy/Lipstick Lava. I am considering it myself, but wondered about the colour becasue every picture I find on the net is different!