Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Pirk's process

I am way behind with my socks, but I wanted to clear some WIPs out of the
way, and then joyfully knit my Campanula socks.
I have started another sock, just to make sure that I remembered how I did the first toe. I want to finish my socks by next Thursday (Sept. 6th) to show at our Trocks knitting meeting. It's a long weekend coming up, so I should be ok.


MezzoDiva said...

Looking good, Pirk! They will be lovely. Please show us further progress after the long weekend.

Pirk said...

I had to undo those pink starts. The sock was way too big for my foot.
I started a new one, with size 1.75 mm needles, and it seems to work fine now. That means that I a even more behind than before.