Monday, August 20, 2007

Better Late than Never!

I am very happy to report that there are many people joining this KAL daily and probably more to come who will join us both here to knit these socks and, more importantly, in supporting the ongoing fight against breast cancer.

Many people have yet to start their Campanula socks. For some their Campanulas are merely a gleam in their eye, a sock to be knitted when the time is right or when the right yarn comes into their life, or when their 32.5 WIPs are crossed off the OTN list, or when the phase of the moon is right and the stars are aligned...

So here is a gentle reminder to feel good about your involvement whatever it may be. This KAL is not a race to the finish (though I am giving a prize to the knitter of the first complete pair posted). Like my upcoming 60-km walk (Gulp!... pause for "WTF was I thinking?!"... ), slow and steady will get the job done. Furthermore, I will be delighted to continue this KAL for as long as people are interested in knitting these socks and sharing their experience of them.

So just remember - better late than never! Let's just keep those socks and, more importantly, the donations coming.


tapmouse said...

Thanks for the support and reminder! I so want to start mine but am trying to be (uncharacteristically) focused in getting a couple of other projects off the needles first.

I am dying to start my Campanulas, though!


Alison said...

I can't wait to start mine! Just want to get my I Love Gansey forst sock done!
I keep looking at the pattern, just to motivate myself!!