Friday, August 10, 2007

Help!!! I just can't decide!

Would you believe I haven't yet made a pair of these for myself? The first two pairs I made were gifts to other folks, the ones I'm making now are too, and I still haven’t got any for me!

I am so overly close to this pattern that choosing the yarn has been excruciatingly difficult. But I found a couple of good contenders for my very own pair today. I happened to wander over to visit Marisol and when I saw her destashing I helped myself to a couple of things, including these two, both of which have really lovely Campanula potential:

Dreams in Colour Smooshy in Lipstick Lava
Lornas Laces Shepherd Sport in Purple Club.

I know there might be some gauge issues requiring pattern mods. If necessary, I will just bite the bullet and do the math for the sake of the perfect colour. And if (when) I end up doing those modifications, I will share them here so others can adjust the pattern for different gauge too.


DrLaura said...

i'd pick the bluey purple as that's the dominant color i saw in researching bellflowers...

blessings, :L

ps so glad susan reached you re offical CPY donation- the lovely panda yarns are at

Lisa L said...

I love the Lipstick Lava color!

Knittymuggins said...

I dig that Lipstick Lava too!