Sunday, August 26, 2007

Campanula's around the heel

Well, I finished my short row heel this morning, I think it's kind of clever everytime I do it, but I still manage to favor a cuff down pattern. I did 4 full repeats of the lace pattern and now I wonder if I should have maybe done just 3.5...I have a 7-7.5 foot. It's hard to gauge but it seems a little "baggy" - I was thinking I may just continue the lace in the front and perhabs do ribbing up the back? It could keep my sock up and take up any slack. But then traditionally lace isn't very forgiving, so maybe the leg will pull it all together? Does the ribbing sound like a ridiculous plan? I dread pulling out my pretty heel to take out the 8 rows - what do you think?

It's hard to see what I am talking about from the picture, I am just admiring my heel. :)
campanula heel

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MezzoDiva said...

Gorgeous Campanula, coming along! But trust me: you DO want to frog that back to half a repeat before the "gusset", both for the general fit and also b/c you want more negative ease for the lace to spread out and really show those pretty flowers.

I know it seems a shame to rip, but I say this from extensive personal experience (I have now this sock MANY times, with different yarn, for different people, and ripped back to before the gusset MANY times - it is different with every yarn). You will be very happy once you did it and the second time through will take you much less time.

And, come to think of it, you could sub another heel if you are so inclined. I like the look of the short-row heel with this lace, but that's just my preference. I would be interested to see one with a different heel approach.