Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Ready, set, cast on!

Hi! Just thought I would check in. I am already nominating myself for the pokey group - whoever said summer was less busy than the school year was incorrect. It isn't less busy, just differently busy! OTN I have a mystery stole, a pair of Monkey socks (stalled at the heels) and a prayer shawl (using Knitspot's Obstacles pattern). Thankfully none of these items have deadlines.

I just had a really strange experience: I was poking around the files on my desktop and stopped to take a look at the Campanula Socks pattern. When I returned to my e-mail there was the invitation to contribute to the KAL blog (very Twilight Zone - "dee-dee-dee-dee..." - it sounds better in person)! Guess I had better go stash diving for some proper yarn! See you around the list! - Karen

1 comment:

MezzoDiva said...

Yes... I am watching you, Karen. Mwahahahahaaaaa...

Actually, I'm actually very impressed - you beat the unofficial starter's gun with this keen early post! Way to go,