Sunday, August 5, 2007

Introducing myself

Hi everyone,

I just posted the this KAL at my blogsite ( and purchased 2 skeins of Claudia's Handpainted in pink posy. I once had some STR med weight in "Hot Flash", but gifted it away, so I hope I am able to get more of it in lightweight.

Not sure when I will start these, but it will be either the Claudia's or STR yarns! Maybe I can find some other STR in my stash that are a color that might work.

I *do* love sock knitting, but I also just lost a very dear friend of mine to breast cancer 3 weeks ago to this day. She just turned 49 on June 30 and was diagnosed when I first met her, at the age of 35. By the time she passed on, the cancer had spread to her brain, lungs and bone. So I will knit these socks to honor her and her memory.

Leslie in San Francisco

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MezzoDiva said...

Thanks for being so open about your personal reasons for joining the fight against breast cancer. I'll keep you and your friend in mind as I walk those 60-km. I'm sure she'll be hovering over my shoulder when I get tired.