Sunday, August 19, 2007

One Sock Down!

Yes, I finished Sock #1 of my Campanulas. I had a bit of an adventure yesterday, when I got so distracted doing the requested "knitting in public" at the LYS that when I got home I got lost in the pattern. Hadn't written down what row I was on. Oops. I erased a bit and started at a point right after some flowers were finished. I knit an entire repeat. And looked. I had repeated the same half of the pattern twice. Oh no!

I was disheartened, so I unraveled all that and said to myself that I just couldn't re-do that a third time, so I did the border. It looked nice. When I put the sock on, heck it was long enough as is! As you can see, it goes to the sheep's foot on the sock blocker. So, all is well, and I can start #2 today.

I did talk the pattern up to a couple of customers today, and one lady wrote the name of the KAL down and told me what a lovely cause it is! I knitted on it a bit at high school band "Everything Day" when my sons got their uniforms, ordered food for game days and such. One dad asked me if I ever put the knitting bag down, but that's as far as it went!

Modifications on this sock: I did a Turkish cast-on rather than short-row, but I did do a short-row heel. On the gusset, I did the increases via paired lifted increase, two inside the edge, which made a little decorative section. I did ten rows of ribbing at the top, and used the bind-off suggested in the pattern. It worked just great!


MezzoDiva said...

That is beautiful, Suna! Thanks for sharing both your first sock completed and about its adventures out in the wide world.

Lauren said...

What a beautiful sock!

peaknits said...

What a gorgeous sock! Seeing yours makes me want to cast aside the sock I am trying to finish so I can start my Campanulas and just jump in!

tapmouse said...

Just beautiful! Love your sock and the color!


Suna said...

Thanks, everyone! Sock #2 is close to the heel, and I have the chart, so really look forward to doing the rest and NOT getting lost!

Suna the reading impaired