Sunday, August 26, 2007

oooh.. look!

I got mine started late friday night.. and by started, I mean I finally managed to get that strange mess of twisted yarn to stay on a needle long enough to get 30 stitches knitted into it so that I could call what I was doing knitting, rather than making a mess which is what I had been forced to call it for a good while before that. :)

campanula progress

today I got the heel in. I'm not done for the day but thunder came so I figured I best get it's picture taken while I could. unfortunately, doing so seems to have chased the thunder away. :(

anyway, I'm finding this somewhat tedious to knit because I'm too scatterbrained to retain the instructions long enough to knit an entire needle so I'm constantly shuffling things around, but I'm so excited to get the heel in and shove my foot in and find that it FITS! hahaha

it's beautiful, too. I'm knitting it of knitpicks new wool/cotton blend, risata and I'm loving the yarn too. lacy cottony socks, I might actually get to wear by the time they're done. :)

thanks, Ramona, for this beautiful pattern, and for doing all this walking for us, and all women. :)

Oh look again! I went to look at the official KAL page and then I went to look at the fundraising total (70% there !!) and then I noticed there's a *chart*!!!
gosh, I was excited.. but I don't have the ability to read this chart in this format. is it possible someone could turn it into a pdf? pretty please? !


MezzoDiva said...

Your sock looks great, Anno!

I made a pdf of the chart and sent it to you.


anno said...

I LOVE my new chart!! thank you so much. :)