Sunday, September 14, 2008

Hibiscus-for-Hope’s Day Out CONTEST!!!

The time has come for our first contest! The theme for this will be to take your Hibiscus-for-Hope socks out in public for some show off time! The socks can be works in progress or can be already completed - as long as they're out showing off and having a fantastic time!

So get ready to take your Hibiscus-for-Hope out in public and spread the word about the pattern and KAL and the purpose behind them: raising money and awareness for the fight to end cancer forever!

I take my knitting projects with me every day to work - I knit on the bus, on my breaks, at lunch and then again on the bus ride home. Every day someone asks about what I am making and I'm happy to chat about the pattern or the project or about why I'm addicted to knitting. So my second Hibiscus-for-Hope is going along for the ride!

Your mission, should you accept it, is to take Hibiscus-for-Hope out with you at least once in the next 10 days and tell someone or several someones about our foot-related fundraiser (a sock pattern KAL to raise sponsorship donations for The Weekend to End Breast Cancer).

ANY PLACE YOU CHOOSE TO DO IT IS GREAT. If you work at a LYS, if you go to a knit-night,SnB or other gathering of fiber-enthusiasts, those would be a VERY good places to spread the word, as other knitters will be intrigued - especially once they see your lovely socks in progress. Or do something else. Take them out and knit anywhere you want. Be as creative or mundane as you wish - knit them on the bus, at the park, on your lunch break, at a party, on the treadmill at the gym (I can't, but know there are people who do this!).

The Hibiscus-for-Hope socks have already had many summer adventures. Examples range from the Yarn Harlot's early-August adventures in Newfoundland, Affectioknit's recently posted trip to the lake while test-knitting, and Ellie's (Crazy for Knitting) summer road-trip. Now that fall is here maybe they would like to take a trip to the apple farm or a road trip to enjoy the changing leaves. Maybe they would enjoy a romantic dinner out in a restaurant with a roaring fire . . . The possibilities are endless . . . !

It would just be great if you could enlist more support for our mutual fundraising efforts. Even if your audience are not knitters themselves, they might be inspired to contribute by donating to the WEBC, so bring some spare copies of the donation info with you on a piece of paper. And tell them to credit you as their contact because you could win a prize.

So take your Hibiscus-for-Hope socks out with you and show them around. Then post about it by Wednesday, September 24, 2008 EDIT/MezzoDiva: contest deadline extended to Friday, October 10, 2008. Tell us all about YOUR Hibiscus-for-Hope Day Out. Report on your Hibiscus-for-Hope adventures in the wide wide world both here and at your blog!

And what would a contest be without a prize? For this contest the prize will be a skein of yarn generously donated by Maggie from her indie shop Dyed in the Wool Handmade! Thanks so much Maggie! The winner will be determined by a random draw from all of the eligible entries.

Have fun!

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Teribella said...

My Hibiscus has been out and about quite a bit this last week! Sunday it went to church; Monday it hung out in the car waiting for kids to get out of school; Monday afternoon it spent a nice hour in a dentist's office... where it was happily introduced to the receptionist/office manager there at the desk. Seems she's a knitter, but has never tackled socks. But she's interested. I told her about Magic Loop, when she expressed some apprehension at all the dpns. And then, when I remembered this post, I went ahead and shared about how cool it was that this pattern -- available and knit toe up with a magic loop option! -- was being distributed as a fundraiser for Cancer research... even a better perk! She seemed really interested, and I think she may take up sock knitting soon... maybe even the Hibiscus! :)

(My Rosy Hibiscus is about 75% done; I'm in the middle of turning the second heel, then its the home stretch. The only picture I have online so far is at Ravelry, at ).


Looking forward to hearing more about the Hibiscus adventures!