Thursday, October 18, 2007

I'm Ba-a-a-a-ack!

Don't pay the Ransom! I escaped!

No, really, I wasn't kidnapped. I've just been delayed by the lingering effects of the nasty flu from which I am still recovering, and swamped with all the work that got delayed while I was sick. I have done very little knitting and still haven't entered anything on Ravelry, though I accepted my invitation three weeks ago.

But please don't feel too sorry for me! I did actually manage to finish a Campanula sock that I am making for myself. That's right. You heard me. These babies are MINE!
This was photographed early last night at Knitomatic SnB and I then completed another half pattern repeat and the cuff's twisted ribbing, so all I need to do now is cast off and make another one. Despite the photographic evidence, it's actually a perfect fit. It's being modelled here by the lovely Shelna whose feet are a half size longer and whose ankles and calves are much slimmer than mine are.

I'm just a little busy for another couple of days, but I wanted to drop in here to say a quick "Hi!" to all of you and I promise to post the winners of Contest number 4: Pay it Forward ASAP (The MezzoDiva is swamped right now). Meanwhile enjoy the lovely fall weather - such terrific inspiration to knit wonderful wooly things!

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Lisa L said...

Great to see you back knitting!