Monday, October 22, 2007

Moving Right Along

My goal this past weekend was to get the heel turned on the second Campanula sock. Ta Da!

Nothing happened on it today, I'm afraid. I'm shampooing the carpet and I'm wiped.

Soon, I hope, soon it will be done!


MezzoDiva said...

Oh, sure! Here, when you say you're "wiped", it IS a metaphor. But on FB when you said you are "steaming" - THAT was literal. You are just messin' with my head, aren't you?... ;)

But I digress. Nice sock, Carol. You can do it... go Carol! From here to the finish line it's easy.

And I will soon need you to test-knit a NEW one for next year's campaign, so get a move on girlfriend!

odd facts said...

I like the blue color.