Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Pay it Forward

I've received so many blessings in my life...

I'll be taking a group of 1st through 3rd graders to Red Willow Bible Camp http://redwillowbiblecamp.org/index.asp - and I've recruited another woman to help drive. (Neither of us has a child in this age group - so don't think that you can't do things with kids if you don't have any of your own).

I'll be volunteering as Cub Master this year and will help the scouts 'pay it forward' as well. Last night a group of about 10 scouts collected litter in our neighborhood.
I'll be participating in Operation Christmas Child http://www.samaritanspurse.org/OCC.asp?MPGID=1

This one is a lot of fun and kids love to buy the little things to put in the boxes. It helps them to become aware of needy children in the world.

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MezzoDiva said...

Love this! Spending time with children - whether you have any of your own or not - is a wonderful way to give of yourself, and you get so much in return! I often wonder why people have to pay for baby-sitters. It seems to me they could rent the kids out instead to those of us who don't have our own!