Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Contest Number Three: Pay It Forward!

As I prepare myself to walk 60 kilometers this coming weekend for the Weekend to End Breast Cancer (gulp!), I've also been pondering what might be another appropriate contest for this knitalong. Inspired by our own Lisa L (scroll to the end of that post), and by the movie (which I have yet to see - but I know the gist of it), I am throwing our collective hats in the ring to share something of ourselves, effect some change and do some good.

For contest Number Three here at Camp Campanula, I am inviting all of you to think of three ways you can pay it forward: specifically, I want you to put on your thinking caps and come up with three ways YOU can contribute to your own community. There are NO other rules than this: Get involved. Think small or think big. Do something for your family, your neighbours, your school, your country, the world. It's up to you.

It doesn't have to be an original idea (I'm rather hoping we can inspire each other), and you are certainly not limited to only three. But please pick three ideas to implement, begin planning now and follow through during the next year.

This contest will remain open until the end of the month - September 30th. After midnight on September 30, I will pick one name randomly form among all the eligible participants and you will receive the lovely prize donated by Mama Llama. But I hope some of you will start sharing your ideas as they come to you, and please post them in a blog entry (instead of the comments) so we can all share the positive energy and inspiration.

And of course, pictures of all your beautiful Campanulas in progress are always welcome.

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Carol said...

good idea! I've already got mine up.