Sunday, September 2, 2007

Patience is a Virtue. Forgiveness is Divine.

Edit: In keeping with my original title above, I have decided to remove the content of this post. Thank you to everyone who commented so kindly. I appreciate all your support more than I can say. You should know that this story did have a positive resolution. Further developments are posted at my blog.


Suna said...

Sigh. I have been an email list moderator for 15 years or more now, many of those years I was paid to do it. I made darned sure to keep people aware of the guidelines, and when something went amiss, would PRIVATELY mention it to the person--because I ASSUMED that nice people of the type on my lists would not be flaunting established guidelines on purpose.

I don't see much of that on the knitting lists I have joined since my "retirement" from paid Internet work. I see accusations, scoldings, and tsk-tsking, from both moderators and members.

Honestly, people DO make mistakes, and it is often much easier to clear up a misunderstanding and get an apology for an inadvertent error than it is to heal the wound that comes when you put down or attack a fellow human being.

Everyone makes mistakes, including email list members. List owners make mistakes, too. When I did, I apologized.

LunariumArts said...

Wow. Remind me not to join that group!

I can't help but feel frustrated and angry when these sort of things happen and the whole world (or just the group, really) seems to overreact to simple mistakes. There have been times when I have remained a lurker simply because I had seen how people were treated by moderators or other "longtime favorite" members.

I appreciate knowing about all kinds of KALs and such. I appreciate *YOU* and all you're doing!


Alison said...

I really admire your work, your generosity and skills. Some people have no perspective, no people skills and no tolerance. These things make me angry and it's the sort of behaviour that makes me wary of these groups. I have been a hostess and moderator too and have despaired at the attitudes I have encountered. Can't folks see you're doing something positive in a terrible world?

AfternoonMoon said...

Give her my email, and I can tell her to "kiss my a$s, b!tch."

what a crow! Sometime people need to take a step back and chill.

nikki nimble needles said...

Ouch. :(

Thanks for all you are doing, Ramona.

Rhonda the Stitchingnut said...

I don't even understand what happened ... so I guess I wasn't in the loop ahhh, I mean group. If it helps ... I send you *hugs* you're doing a great job, in my boat.

H-Star said...

mean people suck!

as a retailer i gotta tell you that the majority of people out there are WONDERFUL and the nasty people are a minority.

you are a mensch!